Guardian Witness app welcomes change to news gathering

By Giacomo Gobbin

The Guardian has teamed-up with Apadmi, a Manchester-based mobile software developer to make a significant step forward in changing the way we think about journalism.

Collaborating closely with the newspaper, Apadmi launched the app Guardian Witness as a platform to allow anyone to submit their own journalistic content using nothing but a smartphone to access and share written and visual media about critical events in the UK and around the world.

Apadmi CEO, Garry Paddington, remarks how “the fact the global news cycle is now based on immediacy and interactivity means it fits perfectly with mobile and smartphone technology.” Therefore, in real-time has become the new way to provide news and in a world where weekly and daily deadlines are anachronistic these will soon be replaced by an as-soon-aspossible approach to news gathering.

The app was released free of charge and is currently available on Android and iOS. It supports social integration with Twitter and Facebook so the user can browse open media and also read other contributors’ works and draw from it for their own inspiration.

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