Manchester University launches graduate recruitment service to support local employment

By Giacomo Gobbin

Manchester University has launched a Recruitment Service for Business to help employers realise the potential of the city’s recent graduates.

The project aims to cater to SMEs increasing demand for young talent in Greater Manchester, marked by a shrinking of supply over the last few years because of a regional “brain drain” as graduates left Manchester for better prospects.

Being entirely free-of-charge for businesses, the service covers all aspects of the recruitment process, helping businesses to draft job descriptions, promoting the University’s graduates and hosting on-campus interviews that could lead to future employment.

Most of the employment contracts are set to run from an initial four to twelve month period, although the University is confident that they will mostly turn into longer ones, meaning small local companies have the chance to hire some of the best young brains in the country on more flexible terms.

This initiative is fully consistent with the vision of Sir Richard Leese, leader of Manchester City Council, who only a few months ago said: “Our economy is increasingly driven by knowledge, invention and innovation, and the majority of new jobs being created in the city-region require degree level or equivalent qualification.”

As recent news has shown, University knowledge is vitally important to Manchester’s business growth. This University-led recruitment service is fully aware of the potential of youthful curiosity.

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