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If marketing is directly telling customers your brand, product or service is good, PR is getting others to say it.

Editors, bloggers, analysts, MPs and even celebrities can be powerful, brand building allies. But exposure alone is not enough to achieve long-lasting impact.

PR is about truth well told. The stories your brand tells the world should have integrity and honesty at their heart.

Admiral specialises in enhancing and protecting reputations to ensure brands, products and services are perceived in the right way. We build trust in brands among target audiences – which could range from consumers or business, to students, engineers, academics or patients.

Media relations is central to PR strategy. While the media landscape has changed hugely in recent years, the approach to good media relations has not. Admiral’s clients typically enjoy excellent press coverage thanks to our extensive experience of working with national and international publications, bloggers and broadcast channels.

Of course, the way people consume news has evolved in recent decades. With online comes immediacy – requiring an interactive approach to PR in which engaging content is king.

Social media gives you a direct line to your customers and stakeholders. It should be an integrated part of the overall PR and communications approach. The starting point with social media at Admiral is an audit of all relevant platforms. This identifies the influencers in your market and how to engage them in your brand. Through social conversation tracking, we can also establish a detailed picture of your online reputation. Our insights, recommendations and activations directly influence sales, brand recognition and reputation.

Crisis and issues management is an important part of protecting brands which is why we offer retainer clients 24/7 media response in crisis situations. Crisis scenarios vary wildly, but can include workplace accidents and fatalities, fraud, man-made and natural disasters, industrial action, product recalls and plant closures. Our issue and crisis management specialists are adept at minimising risk and reducing any negative impact.

Our specialists can prepare key personnel for select committee hearings, tribunals, employee meetings and other difficult situations.

We also offer an issue and crisis management insurance service for non-retainer clients who need the assurance that we will provide a round-the-clock, rapid response service should any situation arise.

“Admiral’s work with Changing Age was outstanding. Key features were the skill and power of the Admiral team in helping us to craft our messages and to secure high-profile coverage in a wide range of media, and their capacity to work well with academics by responding to and accommodating the particular needs of a diverse group of our staff.

“I was particularly impressed by the way Admiral helped us to communicate the Newcastle Charter for Changing Age and how they secured massive international press coverage for our scientific research findings while remaining fully sensitive to our concerns not to be seen by our academic peers to be overstating our case.”

Newcastle University

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